Kitchen Splashbacks

July 15, 2020

Looking for the perfect splashback?

Whether you prefer bold and bright or neautral and elegant, Glass Splashback Company has the right product for you.

Colour Backed Glass:

These come in 3 options…

  • Solid
  • Metallic
  • Pearl

If you can’t find a colour to suit from our extensive range of colour swatches, we will do a computerized colour match for you.

We only use high-quality specialist paint with UV protection on all our splashbacks. An automatic ten-year warranty applies to insure you against discolouration and delamination of the colour from the glass.


Toughened Mirror Splashbacks:

These can take your kitchen to a whole new level with four options available:

  • Silver
  • Smokey Grey
  • Black
  • Bronze


Printed Splashbacks:

Modern printing technology allows us to print almost any image onto your splashback. If you can imagine it, we can source it. Sites such as are a treasure trove of all things that the art world has to offer. Be limited only by your imagination!!

We make our splashbacks out of 6mm toughened glass complying with Australian standards for the safety of you and your family. 

All the edges of every panel of glass are automatically bevelled, polished and painted.


Only a qualified cabinet maker will measure and install your splashback, ensuring a perfect fit every time – guaranteed.

Our installation and silicone sealing is second to none, making sure of a first-class finish.

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