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Today’s kitchens and bathrooms favour sleek, modern lines with easy-clean, no fuss surfaces. Elegant, contemporary, hygienic and always stylish, glass splashbacks are the ideal finishing touch.

How safe are Glass Splashbacks?

All of our painted, printed and mirror Splashbacks are toughened safety glass which is certified to meet Australian standards for use in domestic and commercial applications.

At what stage do you come out to do a quote or a final check measure?

When the installation of all the cabinetry is complete. Including benchtops, overhead cupboards, light switches, power points, rangehoods and architraves.

Can I have light switches and power points cut into the glass?

Yes. We can cut almost any shape into the glass within reason, including power points, light switches, corner cuts around microwaves and up into rangehoods. We also cut holes for canopy rangehood installation and magnetic knife racks.

Can Glass Splashbacks be installed behind my Canopy rangehood?

Yes. A rangehood needs to be pre-installed and marked around its outline before being removed from the wall. This process is required to facilitate the exact measuring of fixing screws so that holes are cut into the glass before toughening, painting and installation. After installation, the rangehood can be re-installed to the Splashback.

How tidy is the Glass Splashback installation?

Because we carry out all processing at our factory, our Splashbacks come ready to install, without the need for any further glass processing. A clean installation is, therefore assured.

What is your lead time from check measure to installation?

Solid colours and metallics: 10 working days.

Toughened mirror splashbacks: 10 to 18 working days.

Printed Splashbacks: 10 to 15 working days.

What is the maximum length of glass that I can have in one piece?

Solid and metallic Splashbacks: 3550 mm.

Printed Splashbacks: 3200 mm.

Toughened Mirror Splashbacks: 3550 mm.

For splashback installation, what condition do my walls have to be?

We install our Glass Splashbacks on most surfaces, including concrete, plasterboard, and brickwork. These walls need to be in a reasonable condition but certainly not perfect. We will evaluate their condition at the final check measure and advise on what repairs, if any, need to be done.

How are Glass Splashbacks installed onto the wall surface?

We install our Glass Splashbacks using high-quality silicone and double-sided tape. The edges are sealed entirely with selected coloured silicone to a high-quality professional finish.

How do I clean and look after my Glass Splashbacks?

We highly recommend cleaning your new Glass Splashback with two microfibre cloth’s, one wet with soapy water and one dry. Clean the Splashback with the damp cloth in small sections, then immediately dry to a streak-free clean finish. We do not recommend any spray or Glass cleaning products at all, especially any abrasive creams.

Do I need to paint the wall surface before the installation, so that nothing will show through the Splashback?

No, not at all. Our Splashbacks are entirely opaque; therefore, nothing from the wall surface will show through the glass.

How thick is the glass splashback?

All of our Glass Splashbacks are 6mm in thickness.

How are the edges of the Splashbacks finished?

All edges are entirely polished; therefore, other edge treatments are unnecessary.

Do Glass Splashbacks require toughening?

Toughening is required, especially behind hotplates. However, at Glass Splashback Company, for your safety and peace of mind, we toughen every piece of glass, whether it is required or not.

How much does a glass splashback cost?

Because of the many choices and variables involved, it is challenging to offer final prices. Therefore we prefer to quote each Splashback on a case by case basis. We can price your Splashback online or at a site visit.

How can I obtain a quick quote?

Contact us via the contact form. Please include all approximate dimensions and the number of cutouts required. A mud-map of the Splashback layout and photos of your kitchen is very helpful.

Can Splashbacks be put over the top of existing tiles?

In some cases, yes, it can be done. More often than not, though, tiles need to be removed and the wall behind repaired if necessary before the Splashback installation.

What paint type do you use on your Glass Splashbacks?

We use specialist glass industrial coatings and activator by Resene. This high-quality product is designed to etch into the glass surface for adhesive longevity.

How do I choose a colour or a pattern?

Firstly, check out our Design Gallery page. There you will find many colours and patterns to choose from in a light or dark kitchen template. We can also custom match to nearly any colour or direct you to for millions of other image possibilities. So the choice is practically endless.

What warranty is available?

A 10-year warranty is available covering paint delamination and quality.