About Us

Welcome to Glass Splashback Company

Glass Splashback Company was established in 2003, filling a much-needed gap in the market for quality glass splashbacks to replace tiles, granite and stainless steel which dominated the market at the time.

Our expertise arose out of many years of high-end kitchen and bathroom design and manufacturing, where precision and quality was paramount to meet our clients’ expectations.

One area, however, always let our clients down – glass splashbacks!

Splashbacks are the finishing touch of a significant kitchen renovation.

Unfortunately, all too often, glass companies contracted by our clients consistently failed to reach any reasonable standard of excellence.

So we decided to manufacture them ourselves, using a cabinetmakers mindset:


-We are accurate in our site measurements.

-We use the latest high-tech glass processing machinery to produce our products, ensuring safety, accuracy and quality control.

-We only use premium toughened clear glass, which is six times stronger than standard glass.

-We spray paint and print in clean, climate-controlled filtered booths using modern digital technology for accurate colour matching and printing.

-Expert tradies install your splashbacks with care and attention using only the best silicone sealants.

Add a touch of 'glass' to the heart of your home with a splashback from Glass Splashback Company

- The Glass Splashback Specialists

” We are not glass people who know nothing about kitchens, but instead, we are kitchen people who are glass professionals. “

We at Glass Splashback Company, specialise in providing premier, stylish glass splashbacks to give your kitchen or bathroom the perfect finishing touch that most people neglect. Not only do our products look amazing, but they also provide the ultimate protection from all kinds of splashes, including cooking oil and food stains.

Glass splashbacks are often overlooked by homeowners, thinking they’re not a necessity. But when you walk into a kitchen that has one, it’s always the first thing you notice.

There’s something about them that draws attention and makes the room feel complete, like the icing on a cake.

A unique feature of glass splashbacks is that they are incredibly easy to clean using a microfibre cloth. As a result, there’s no need to use harmful chemicals or to sweat over dirty, hard to clean tile grout any longer.

You’ll also have lots of design options to suit your kitchen or bathroom. We have thousands of colours and prints available to choose from, allowing you to customise your glass splashback to suit your needs entirely. You can even have HD artwork printed onto your glass!

However unique you want your glasswork to be, we can personally guarantee it is achievable with us.